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Throughout our history, Old National has focused — and continues to be focused — on strengthening and supporting the communities we serve. We do so through financial education, community development initiatives, charitable giving and sponsorships, as well as our approach to sustainability.

  • A teammate working on building a new house for someone in need


    Old National is dedicated to upholding the foundations of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) by providing lending, investment and service opportunities that support underserved populations and communities. In February 2022, Old National unveiled a $8.3 billion, five-year Community Growth Plan, and in 2024 the Plan was expanded to $9.5 billion. Read more about the Plan here.

    Our CRA work is driven by the members of our Community Outreach & Financial Empowerment team, who engage organizations and leaders throughout our footprint to assess community needs with a special emphasis on serving Low-to-Moderate Income (LMI) populations and underrepresented groups.

    Old National Bank 0 Banking with Heart

  • A neighborhood in the community that we serve


    Established in 2015, the ONB Community Equity team plays a critical role in community development and sustainability projects throughout Old National’s footprint. With extensive expertise in tax credits, the team provides equity capital and loans to support projects that rehabilitate historic buildings, provide affordable housing, invest in low-income communities and generate alternative energy.

    A track record of impacting disadvantaged communities

Financial Education

Improved financial knowledge leads to a better future for individuals and families and, in turn, stronger communities. Drawing upon the expertise of our team members, we have created several financial education programs for the communities we serve.

This includes Real-Life Finance, our very own branded curriculum on a digital platform or in-person workshop for your organization. Learn about Real-Life Finance.

Charitable Giving Programs

Old National’s commitment to charitable giving serves as the cornerstone of our identity and helps define our mission as a community bank. In 2023, we invested approximately $11.8 million in our communities via charitable giving and sponsorships, benefiting more than 2,000 organizations. Learn more about our charitable giving programs.

Community support throughout the Old National Footprint in 2021

VIDEO: Better Together 2023

We are proud to serve our communities. On September 21-22, 2023, 2,625 team members from across Old National volunteered 7,223 hours to help make where we live and work a little better.

Graduates holding a check from Old National Bank


Old National sponsorships provide monetary support for events or activities, while enabling us to partner with many community organizations. Examples of activities we sponsor include:

  • One-time events
  • Fundraisers
  • Golf tournaments/scrambles
  • Corporate tables at galas
  • Sporting events

Special events (telethons, marathons, races or benefits)

View Process and Guidelines (PDF)

Apply for a Sponsorship

Old National Bank Foundation

The Old National Bank Foundation contributes to nonprofit organizations to fund large scope and large impact programs and/or projects through ONB Foundation grants. The grant application is open to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that are seeking to carry out programs related directly to our funding priorities, mission and vision.

Before you apply for a grant, please read through the required Foundation Guidelines and FAQ. Download PDF of Guidelines and FAQs.

The Community Equity Team

The ONB Community Equity team is made up of a talented group of industry professionals with more than 40 years of direct and related experience. This knowledge, experience and “outside the box” thinking allows us to find alternative and creative structures to complete complex projects. The team has successfully combined multiple tax credit and incentive programs to increase equity financing for complex projects.

Marty Richardson
Marty Richardson

Mike Harbaugh
Mike Harbaugh