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Our Bill Pay system is a free for Old National clients. Pay your credit card bill, cell phone bill, utilities, other individuals and more with Digital Banking — on your computer or mobile device.

Watch Bill Pay Tutorial | Get Bill Pay Instructions | Read Bill Pay FAQs

Bill Pay Tutorial

Get Started with Bill Pay
Bill Pay with Digital Banking let you make one-time payments, or set up automated, repeat payments.

A woman paying a bill online


  • Log in to your Digital Banking account.
  • Choose “Bill Pay” in the top menu.
  • Begin adding information for the business or person you want to pay.

A man checking his mobile device


  • Open the Old National Mobile App.
  • Choose “Bill Pay” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select “Payees” at the top right of the screen.
  • In the “Add a person or business field” begin adding information for those you want to pay.

Don’t have the Mobile App? Click the download link of your choice and search for “Old National Mobile.”

App Store | Google Play | Amazon Appstore

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A couple downloading Zelle


Once you have Digital Banking with us, you can securely send money to those you trust, using Zelle®.2

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A shopper paying via a digital payment


Save time at checkout, whether it’s in-store or online. Plus, there are no fees associated with using your Old National Debit Mastercard® with digital payment options.

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A couple making a loan payment online


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How to Do It

Bill Pay Frequently Asked Questions

A: Bill Pay is a free service that enables you to pay your credit card bill, cell phone bill, mortgage payment, utilities, individuals or really any bill you want to pay. Payment is taken directly from your Old National account. It's easy to begin using Online Bill Pay:

From a web browser

  • Log in to Digital Banking
  • Choose Bill Pay in the top menu
  • You may need to enter a few pieces of identification, otherwise, review and check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions
  • Click Complete Sign Up
  • Begin adding information for the business or person you want to pay

Within Digital Banking, you can make one-time payments and set up automated, repeat payments. You can also enroll to receive eBills (electronic bills) from payees with Bill Pay and view your eBills history.

Please note: Depending on the party you are paying, payments may be sent electronically or a physical check will be produced and mailed.

Our Bill Pay has its own FAQ as well. You can find it on the Bill Pay screen in the lower right corner under I want to . . .

In the Mobile app

  • Open the Mobile app
  • iOS users, choose Bill Pay at the bottom of the screen. Android users, tap the menu icon in the upper left and choose Bill Pay
  • Select Payees at the top right of the screen
  • In the Add a person or business field begin adding information for those you want to pay

If you need assistance with enrolling in Bill Pay, please contact Client Care at 1-800-731-2265.

A: From a Web Browser

  • Log in to your Digital Banking account and choose Bill Pay in the top menu.
  • To add a new payee, type the name of the payee in the “Need to pay someone new?” entry box near the top middle of the main payments page.
  • As you type, what you are typing is matched to a known payee.
  • If you see your payee in the drop down list, click the name and then click the Add button. Enter and confirm the account number and add an optional nickname.
  • Select Add Payee.

If you do not see the name in the drop down, don't worry, just complete typing the name of your payee and click the Add button. You will then be asked for some information about your payee:  

  • Payee Account Number – This is your account number with the payee. Enter the account number as it appears on your bill. When making a payment to a person and not a business, you may not have an account number to provide. If this is the case, leave the account number field blank.
  • Name – This is the name to which you send your payment.
  • Nickname – This field is optional, but if you have a different way to identify the payee besides the payee name, enter it here.
  • Address 1 (Street address) – This is the street address to which you send your payment.
  • Address 2 (optional) – This field is optional. This is additional address information to which you send your payment.
  • City – Enter the payee's city to which you send your payment. 
  • State – Enter the payee's state to which you send your payment. 
  • Zip code – Enter the payee's zip code to which you send your payment. 
  • Phone – Enter the phone number your biller provides for questions about your bill. If you are adding a company, look for a customer service phone number on your bill, statement, or invoice. If you are adding a person, use the person's work, home, or mobile number.

When your payee is added, it will display at the top of your payee list on the main payments page. The next time you come back to the screen, your payees will display in alphabetical order. Bill Pay has its own FAQ in Digital Banking as well. You can find it on the Bill Pay screen in the lower right corner under I want to...

Old National Mobile app

  • Open the Mobile app, tap Payment Center, then Bill Pay.
  • Select Payees at the top right of the screen.
  • In the Add a person or business field begin adding information for those you want to pay. The app will guide you through entering any additional information needed. 

If you need assistance with enrolling in Bill Pay, please contact Client Care at  1-800-731-2265.

A: From a Web Browser

  • Log in to your Digital Banking account.
  • Open Online Bill Pay.
  • Locate the payee on your list.
  • Under the Options list, select the Automatic Payment tab.
  • Next, select the account you would like to pay from, the amount and the frequency.
  • If you are sending the payment via check, you may Add a Memo (located under Amount).
  • Under Frequency, you may select start and end dates for the payment, or choose No End Date to continue to make payments until you turn them off.
  • Email notifications are also available for when the payment is scheduled, when the payment has been sent or before the last payment is sent.
  • When you are satisfied with your payment information, click Save.

In the list of payments, you can easily see items that are set up with recurring payments. They are identified by the rotating arrow icon.

  • Use the Edit button to edit a recurring payment, or you can change the entire payment rule.
  • Click Add to make additional payments to a payee.

On the Mobile App
Recurring payments can be viewed and cancelled in the mobile app, but can only be setup and maintained from a web browser.

  • To view or cancel a recurring payment in the mobile app, tap Payment Center and then select Bill Pay.
  • Tap Schedule.
  • If you wish to cancel, tap the scheduled payment and tap Cancel payment.
  • Tap Yes to confirm. 

A: eBills are online versions of your paper bills that you receive. eBills enable you to review and pay bills directly from your Digital Banking account within Online Bill Pay.

When setting up a new payee, Bill Pay will check to see if this payee offers eBills. If eBills are available, simply click Get eBill to begin enrollment.

  • To start filling in the required information, click Get Started!
  • Fill out the required information and agree to the terms.
  • When ready, click Submit to complete the enrollment. 

Keep in mind that it may take up to two billing cycles before you begin receiving eBills.

Set up an automatic payment for an eBill payee:

  • Start by clicking Options.
  • Then select Automatic Payment.
  • You can choose your options for how you would like to pay your bill. 

1 Mobile Banking requires that you download the Mobile Banking app and may only be available for select mobile devices. Old National Bank does not charge any fees to use mobile banking; however, there may be message and data rate charges associated with data usage on your phone.

2 Zelle® is intended for sending money to family, friends and people you are familiar with. We recommend that you not use Zelle® to send money to anyone you don’t know. Transfers require enrollment with Zelle® and must be made from an eligible Old National Bank consumer deposit account to a domestic bank account or debit card. Dollar and frequency limits apply. See your Mobile Banking Service Agreement for details, including cut-off and delivery times. Data connection required. Wireless carrier charges may apply. Neither Old National Bank nor Zelle® offers protection program for any authorized payments made with Zelle®.

All rights reserved. Terms and conditions apply. Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC, and are used herein under license.