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Meet your company's complex online cash management needs.

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ONPointe Treasury is much more than an online banking solution. It enables you to build a customized suite of tools to support your company's daily operations and ongoing business success. Access flexible reporting options that enable you to easily obtain information and make cash management decisions. Subscribe to additional modules for your unique needs, from payment options to enhanced security.

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    Using a single sign-on, access accounts for your business and any related business entities.

    • View 13 months of transaction history and images on your desktop or mobile device.
    • View 24 months of eStatements and Analysis eStatements.
    • Download history to a variety of report and file formats including PDF, BAI2, CSV, QFX and QBO.
    • Create and schedule custom reports that you can have delivered to your email.
    • Transfer funds between your Old National accounts and place stop payments in real-time.
    • Subscribe to a robust set of alerts and notifications that can be delivered via email or SMS text message.1
    • Access popular features on your smartphone or tablet using ONPointe Mobile.
    • Connect to Quickbooks™ Desktop software.
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    Enhance your business' online capabilities by subscribing to various ONPointe modules2:

    • ACH Payments: Transfer funds between accounts at other financial institutions, bill customers or send payments to employees, vendors and government entities electronically.
    • ACH Positive Pay: Block unauthorized ACH entries to your account while allowing expected items to post.
    • Check Positive Pay: Prevent check fraud by matching checks presented on your account to checks you've reported as issued.
    • Controlled Disbursement: Access itemized check listings and daily totals by 9am ET/8am CT.
    • Online Bill Pay: Manage payment to your vendors online.
    • Wire Transfers: Send wire transfers domestically or internationally.
    • Mobile Check Deposit: Use your mobile device’s camera to deposit until 9pm ET/8pm CT for same-day credit.1
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    ONPointe utilizes a dedicated web browser that’s designed to block malicious software from keylogging, man-in-the-middle and other attacks on your online banking session. Users authenticate themselves to every device using a secure, multi-step verification. Once a device is authenticated, accessing ONPointe is easy–simply enter the secure PIN, bypassing the need for multiple user credentials.

    For payment authorizations, a security token software solution generates one-time passcodes on the user’s computer or mobile device, adding an extra layer of security without requiring extra hardware. Thresholds can be set for ACH and wire payments by amount, to require one or two additional users to approve transactions before they’re processed.

    Access to features is customizable by your company’s administrator(s). Administrators can create, edit, suspend and remove users, as well as limiting the accounts, reports, payment types and features a user can access.

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1 Fees associated with data usage may apply, check with your wireless carrier for more information.
2 Additional fees may apply to certain premium features. Consult with an Old National Treasury Management specialist to learn more. Some optional features are subject to credit review and approval.